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What You Need to Know About Solar Panel System by Miki Padres and Linda Peltz

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable energy, many homeowners are turning to solar panel systems as a viable option for powering their homes. However, with so much information available, it can be challenging to know where to start. Whether homeowner looking to save money on your electricity bills, reduce their carbon footprint, or simply invest in a more sustainable future, understanding the basics of solar panel systems is crucial.

Homeowners need to know how it work to the benefits and considerations when installing it in their home. As we know that California county is doing a big push for the ability to go solar. The government actively socialized their program towards the solar bill, which then company like Titan Solar Power would take part in accomplishing those goals.

In this article Linda Peltz and Miki Padres from Titan Solar Power will provide a comprehensive guide on what you need to know about solar panel systems. They are exploring the technology behind solar panels, the different types available, and how the financing cost. Lets dive in to the video discussion below:

Solar Panel Incentive Program from Titan Solar Power and Government

California has been leading the way in promoting clean energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One of the key initiatives introduced by the California government is the incentive on the ability to go solar, which focuses on making solar panel systems more accessible to low-income households.

Partner up with Titan Solar Power, the program provides incentives and financing options to multifamily affordable housing properties, encouraging them to install solar panel systems. This not only reduces their reliance on regular electricity but also helps to lower their energy bills, making it more affordable for low-income families to live in these properties.

Titan Solar Power
Titan Solar Power

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The Importance of Solar Panel System by Titan Solar Power

Furthermore, Titan Solar Power is on a mission to end and empower the ability to go Solar in California residents. The deadline is on April 13th 2023, one month to take advantage of the programs. With this strong presence with government, they are looking for at least another 10 years of partnership to deliver more useful programs.

The financial aspects of this incentive program would include the potential cost savings and incentives available for the long term. After the April 13th, Solar panel will be cost more, as the incentive will go down and losing 75% of the value 

Why Choose Titan Solar Power

Titan Solar Power is one of the biggest national installers when it comes to residential solar. Titan solar successfully installed 223,846 KW in 2021 and the number keeps on increasing year by year.

The company has been number one in California area to provide all equipment to do the installation right away, which makes them the fastest to solar company. The company also have warranties for 25 year on everything involved in solar. So homeowner wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

But how does Titan Solar Power do it? They usually grab the bill if its a homeowner thats been in house for six or more months, or they can grab square footage of the house for 5 or less month. Then they take the satellite image and take the angle of the roof, shading, trees. All of these were put into proposal for consideration, where it shows how the system will look into the house and what the numbers will look like.

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About the cost, Miki Padres stated that previous client just need to pay a total of $77,000 over the next 25 years for their solar production and equipment. Comparing to stay with basic electricity which will cost $223,655 over the next 25 years. Payment comparison for owned and lease also quite similar, with over $221 for owned solar compared to $250 for the lease. Whilst average PGne bill looking at $448 averagely for homeowner.

The program and incentives are running out, so if you are homeowner looking for solar panel system don’t hesitate to reach Miki Padres to learn more about Titan Solar Power and its incentives program.

Miki Padres
Titan Solar

Realtor Linda Peltz
eXp Realty 

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