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Beginner Guide to Sustainable Home Solutions by Norwex

We’ve been talking about using cleaning products that are eco friendly. Whether they are made of microfiber or non-toxic ingredients derived from nature, Norwex has it all. Then, how about sustainable ones? 

Norwex’s sustainable home solutions fall into 3 categories, namely waste reduction, travel essentials and recycled microfiber. Real estate agent Fresno has compiled a list of some of the most practical eco home products made by Norwex. Let’s take a look.

Products That Support Waste Reduction

Replace your single-use mop heads and paper towels with Norwex’s eco home products! The Superior XL Mop is made of eco-friendly microfiber and cleans floors using only water. There are 2 types of this mop – the Wet version and the Dry version. Static electricity generated by friction between the Wet Mop and the floor efficiently picks up dust and dirt. The Dry Mop can also collect hair.

Real estate agent Fresno recommends switching from single-use paper towels to Norwex’s Kitchen Towel or Cloth. They are super-absorbent and can be used as dishcloth, table wipes and on any surface that needs cleaning. The Ribbon Chenille Hand Towel dries your hands fast and stays fresh for an extended period of time. The EnviroCloth and the Bamboo Multipurpose Cloth are versatile and sustainable home solutions for cleaning anything at home.

​Sustainable home solutions
​Sustainable home solutions

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Products to Accompany Your Travels

Instead of disposable plastic utensils and straws, let’s opt for reusable eco home products. Norwex’s Eco Utensils and Straw Set features a practical drawstring bag for portability. Materials used for the spoons, forks and knives are derived from plants and are therefore compostable. The extra-wide straw is made of silicone and is perfect for any beverage.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, hand sanitizers have become an essential part of our everyday lives. We use them everywhere we go after touching any surfaces. Norwex’s Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner contains Organic Lemon, Rosemary and Lavender extracts that cleanse hands. We at real estate agent Fresno noted that though it possesses astringent quality, this product doesn’t dry out your hands. Thanks to Organic Aloe Vera, Olive Oil and gluten-free Wheat Germ Oil extract, this hand cleaner leaves your skin hydrated. What’s even better, it comes in a convenient, mini portable tube.

Products Made from Recycled Microfiber

Reduce, reuse and recycle – Norwex’s recycled EnviroCloth and Counter Cloth Napkins fit into all three. Reduce the use of paper towels and napkins by switching to the EnviroCloth. Reuse the EnviroCloth over and over again. They contain Baclock antibacterial agent that keeps them fresher for longer, capable of being reused several times in a row.

Apart from EnviroCloth and Counter Cloth Napkins, Norwex also manufactures other sustainable home solutions out of recycled microfiber. One such example is the Diamond Textured Kitchen Towel and Cloth set, which can be used in both wet and dry conditions. 

The EnviroScrub is versatile and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, on the walls, windows and floor. It has 2 sides – a scrubby side and a soft side. For bathroom cleaning jobs, dirt and grime are no match for the Bathroom Scrub Mitt. Use it alone on bathtubs, shower rooms, countertops and toilets or along with the Bathroom Cleaner, Descaler or Cleaning Paste.

These eco home products are made from 70% recycled Microfiber yarn. For more ideas on sustainable home solutions, head over to details below

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