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Homebuyer Guide to Rising Interest Rates in 2024 With Hero Loan Team Michelle Johnson & Realtor Linda Peltz

Interest rates in the US play a crucial role in the economy, influencing everything from mortgage rates to the cost of borrowing for businesses. Recently, the dynamics of these rates have undergone significant changes, making it essential for potential homebuyers and investors to stay informed. 

Let’s dive into video discussion with Linda Peltz realtor Clovis CA & Michelle Johnson from Hero Loan Team. They discussing what have been happening with interest rates, how it impacts the housing market, and what prospective buyers should consider.

The Recent Rise in Interest Rates

Interest rates have been on a noticeable climb since late 2022. This shift began with rates in the 2% to 3% range, which many buyers found highly attractive. However, as inflation concerns grew and the Federal Reserve took steps to combat it, rates began to rise. By late 2022 and into 2023, interest rates moved into the 4% to 5% range. Many potential buyers adopted a wait-and-see approach, hoping for rates to drop back to previous lows.

However, this strategy did not pan out as expected. Instead of falling, interest rates continued to rise, reaching nearly 8% at one point. This increase has significantly impacted buying power, with home prices still appreciating, albeit at a steadier pace. Buyers who waited found themselves qualifying for less expensive homes than they had initially planned.

The Impact on Home Prices and Market Dynamics

Despite the rising interest rates, home prices did not plummet as some buyers hoped. Instead, the market saw a steady appreciation. Home values continued to increase, partly due to limited supply and sustained demand. This appreciation, combined with higher interest rates, meant that many buyers’ purchasing power decreased. For example, someone who once qualified for a $400,000 home might now only qualify for a $300,000 home due to the higher borrowing costs.

Additionally, the increase in property values led to higher property taxes, as local assessments reflected the new, higher market values. This added another layer of cost for homeowners. The combination of these factors meant that buyers who waited for lower rates and prices found themselves priced out of the market or able to afford less desirable properties.

Homebuyer Guide to Rising Interest Rates in 2024 With Hero Loan Team Michelle Johnson & Realtor Linda Peltz

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Current Interest Rates and Market Conditions

As of now, interest rates have seen a slight decline, settling around 7%. While this is lower than the peak, it’s significantly higher than the 2% to 3% rates seen a few years ago. This current rate environment has created a more balanced market, where properties are neither flying off the shelves nor sitting unsold for extended periods.

For buyers, the key takeaway is that waiting for the “perfect” rate or price might not be the best strategy. Instead, evaluating your financial situation and entering the market when you are ready can be more advantageous. Homeownership not only provides a place to live but also serves as a financial investment that can grow over time.

Making the Most From Current Market With Hero Loan Team

Hero Loan Team stands out as a specialized and invaluable resource in the real estate financing. Led by Michelle Johnson, the team caters to individuals serving in hero fields, encompassing law enforcement, fire services, military, medical, and education. What sets Hero Loan Team apart is its commitment to assisting individuals with dedicated loan program across various roles within these fields, recognizing that heroism comes in many forms

The Hero Loan Team understands that each buyer’s situation is unique. They offer a range of lending channels and programs to fit different needs. For example, if a buyer needs help with closing costs, the Hero Loan Team can identify opportunities for seller credits or find loans that include closing cost assistance.

Moreover, the Hero Loan Team is committed to providing personalized service. They ensure that their clients feel supported throughout the buying proces, offering advice and guidance tailored to their specific circumstances. This approach is crucial, especially when dealing with complex financial decisions and significant investments.

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