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Facebook Push Back its Returning Office Date

As the delta version of the coronavirus continues to rise pandemic its case throughout the country, Facebook announced in Thursday that it will push back its return back to work date for employees in the United States to January.

In an emailed reply, Facebook spokesperson Chloe Meyere stated, “Data, not dates, is what guides our approach to returning to the workplace.” She went on to say that the corporation expected the move to apply to employees in nations other than the United States as well.

“We’re currently working through many of the nuances, as our rules will heavily rely on local health and safety statistics” Meyere said when asked how the change will effect every contract workers within the Facebook headquarter.

Facebook decision to push back returning date

She also stated that Facebook will continue to pay its contingent workers whether or not they are able to work from home.

The company joins a slew of other local tech firms, including Uber, Lyft, and Roblox, in postponing their return to the workplace, some until next year.

Facebook’s remote work options for employees were increased this summer, with the company stating that anyone whose job can be done outside of the office can apply to make the transition permanent.

The social media giant’s Bay Area operations are at 10% capacity, and the business said earlier today that all staff working in its US offices will be required to wear masks.

This was a reversal of a previous statement that enabled immunized personnel to leave their vaccinations at home when they came to work.

Late last month, the business required proof of immunization to return to its U.S. headquarters in person, following in the footsteps of Google and other corporations that are becoming more wary of in-person employment as the delta variant spreads.  Facebook will began reopening its offices in May.

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